The Effects of Moral and Multicultural Education Approaches to Promoting Adolescents'tolerance

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청소년의 관용성 증진 프로그램의 효과
This paper is an attempt to explore the direction and methods of citizenship education in a democratic and pluralistic society of the 21st century. In this paper, tolerance is proposed as a necessary virtue that citizens should exercise in dealing with others who have different values, perspectives, religions, and ideologies from their own in a democratic and pluralistic society of the 21st century. Also it is required in making our society more democratic and pluralistic. This paper presents two alternative approaches to promothing students' level of tolerance, which can be implemented in at the high school and college levels. Moral Dilemma Discussion is presented as an indirect but effective approach to promote tolerance. This approach aims to provide students with the opportunity to be exposed to the community where different points of views regarding to controversial issues coexist. Students have the opportunity to practice skills to understand and respect the perspectives of others and to cooperate with them through the moral dilemma discussion. Two Multicultural Education programs are also presented in this paper. The first program describes the nature of cohesive forces in a society by teaching about the common good. The idea is to promote a democratic approach to making collective judgments about issues of justice in a pluralistic society. The second program describes the pluralistic nature of a society using the concept of narratives to portray individual differences in life stories and the effects of culture on the meanings that people give to these stories. All these programs aim to teach students to appreclate and celebrate social and cultural diversity. The effects of these programs were evaluated, and finally some implications are discussed with the results of the evalution.
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